Join Me in Twitter Poetry

We have been having so much fun with Twitter. We share and spread links and ideas, talk business, blogosphere and world events. There is also a lot of silliness … we change photos (from personal to marsupial to magician to hero/villain) and share personal facts (some of us share more than others) — but all in a good humoured way.

The thing about Twitter is that it is highly collaborative … and it is this that has interested me. So I thought I might try a little experiment — collaborative poetry. I have setup a new Twitter account called TwitterPoetry.

You can either:

  • Log into the TwitterPoetry account: Use the username TwitterPoetry and password twitterpoetry and contribute a line to the growing poem.
  • Follow TwitterPoetry: Become a "follower" of TwitterPoetry and see how the poem grows as and when someone else contributes to it.

To see the whole poem, go here.

Let your creative juices flow … I look forward to reading your/our work!

You Can’t Control the Links that Come To You

I love hypertext … I love the unexpected journey that a blank browser represents. As I wait for the "server to respond", my sense of anticipation increases. Where will this link take me? What will I find? Who will cross my hypertext path and what will be the shape of their footprint on it?

There are many ways to start a hypertext adventure. I use a variety of approaches:

  • Referring websites: I look through my list of referrals and trace back to the links others have used to find this site.
  • Search terms: I investigate my Google Analytics keyword information to see which searches are bringing people here.
  • Technorati: A great and easy way to track inbound links.

On the referrals front, the other day I found an incoming link from an unexpected site. It was from Jaffe Juice and I was interested to know how I had come to Jaffe’s attention. It seems that I had been nominated as a "most valuable blog" by my good friend, Batman … I mean, David Armano. Next thing I know I am entered into the MVB playoffs — up against Mark Cuban’s BlogMaverick — wow tough! But nowhere near as tough as Armano’s — he is up against my other great buddy, CK.

Search terms are also interesting … but mine are nowhere near as strange as Katie’s. I don’t know who is out there searching for this term (I dare not type it), but it just goes to show that the world wide web is home to some strange beasts (ok … need to check whether it was my Dad).


Technoratilinks Finally, Technorati can be in a league of its own. And with some strong help from the Z-list, I am receiving links from posts which are, well, unusual, and frankly, kind of frightening. Oh, and if you DO want to follow this link … be careful. There are some photos that are … well — read the words.

I leave some of these links … and these thoughts, to your own imagination. Hmmm.

The Road Ahead

Originally uploaded by .michaelchung.

There have been plenty of milestones over the last couple of weeks. Mack and his Viral Garden turned one as did the astounding MarketingProfs, the mysterious Mindblob returned from his southern hemisphere sojourn and Lewis began injecting more … well, more Lewis, into his blog.

CK hosted a gang of bloggers in NYC, and many of us fell head over heels for Twitter. David Armano unexpectedly morphed into a marsupial, Paul copped some heat on a YouTube post, Tim travelled, returned and travelled again to Taiwan and Cam continued to pump out quality, thought provoking posts that kept us all on the edge of our keyboards. And speaking of anticipation, Sacrum whets our appetite with a sneak peak of an upcoming eBook (see the preview and watch the YouTube video).

There was also the dreadful Kathry Sierra incident, its aftermath, and the excuses, explanations and refusals.

On a more personal blogging note, I unexpectedly reached two milestones today. Just after e-mailing Valeria Maltoni explaining that my goal had not been reached, I found that it had — 500 inbound blog links over the last 180 days. (Thanks to all who link and inspire me.) Also … the 1000th comment — and a big thanks to Drew McLellan for that!

And while much has happened, already we can see the road stretching out in front of us. While I don’t know where it will take us, I know that there is no better group of people that I would like to journey with.

A Delicious Library

delicious library OMG
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This is not actually a post about this tremendous piece of Mac software (though you Mac folks may want to check it out!).

Joseph Jaffe is running a survey on the most valuable marketing blogs. The premise is this — many of us don’t read books so much anymore, we prefer blogs (sorry CK). So now you can vote for the top 5 out of a list of 32. When voting consider which blog:

  • delivers the best crash course/introduction to new marketing for newcomers/newbies
  • provides essential insights to those trying to get up to speed with the pace of change
  • offers superior levels of marketing relevance, value and utility
  • demonstrates consistent strategic thought leadership

There really are some great blogs here, some which I have not (perhaps to my shame) read. Looks like I have a busy night of reading ahead of me!

Monotreme Madness

Tasmanian Devil
Originally uploaded by Martini DK.

Yesterday’s blogging experience was unpleasant — and I was only a bystander. You will all, by now, have heard of Kathy Sierra’s ordeal … and I will not replay is for you. Suffice to say, the less links that are shared to those who are defending their actions (or lack of action) the better.

But as I was considering closing down for the evening, I saw a very funny Twitter that reminded me of some of the BEST things about the blogosphere. Other bloggers. The fun ones.

In a burst of silliness, David Armano and a few others decided to change their Twitter icon to a marsupial picture. So I joined in, going for the ever cool Platypus for my icon (realising I was cheating — as Scotty Monty points out, it’s a monotreme). Then I saw this from Drew McLellan:

I can hear my mother now – "if Armano & Gavin told you to dress like a wombat, would you?" Sadly, apparently the answer is yes.

It cracked me up. And was needed after yesterday’s gravitas.

Oh … and if you want to join in … it seems marsupial madness has given way to star wars silliness.
Over and out.

My Internet is a Bully Free Zone

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The places that I like to play on the Internet are friendly. A little competitive from time to time, but nothing nasty, no malice … and even when a difference of opinion arises we talk it out — comment on comment, thread on thread. But there is a whole other world out there that plays by other rules — where slander and mean-spirited vitriol reign and are encouraged.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like a good parody as much as anyone. I don’t mind poking fun and being poked myself. But all within reason.

So when I read this post by Kathy Sierra I was shocked. Death threats? Promises of violence? Be warned, it is beyond distasteful. There are also links on Kathy’s post to those that are considered part of this horrible incident — if you want to find out, see Kathy’s article. I refuse to link to them — but I know many already do — they are A-listers after all. And it is our links that put them there.

Of course, the breadth and depth of our own Internet experience (the places we play, visit, read and link) is subject to our own choices. My Internet, in this respect at least, is a bully free zone.

I am not like some who simply exchange links. I am selective … very selective. BUT … if you have a post that I find interesting (or even provocative) then I may link to your post or site. And if there is more there for me to read and come back to, then you may end up on my blogroll. It is not much, but I do what I can.

In my view, the treatment of Kathy … indeed, the treatment of ANYONE, in this manner is unacceptable. It is a black day for the blogosphere … and the reputations of some have rightly been blackened along with it.

Earth Hour

Black This Saturday the WWF is holding Earth Hour 2007. What is it and what does it mean? It it one small step, a convenient, but essential step in raising awareness around global warming. The WWF is simply asking Sydneysiders to switch off their lights for ONE HOUR at 7:30pm on Saturday, 31 March 2007.

How will this help global warming? Well, WWF want to reduce Sydney’s greenhouse emissions by 5% this year, and this is a great way of demonstrating how small steps by many people (individuals, governments and businesses) can have a large and beneficial impact. And failing significant government intervention or support for Kyoto, it looks like responsibility for change is once again in the hands of the people.

Earth_hour_cmyk_30cm_150dpi There are THREE things you can do:

  • SIGN UP TO EARTH HOUR: Go here and commit  to turning off your lights on 31 March from 7.30pm to 8.30pm.  It’s free! Use this form if you are a business.
  • GET OFF STANDBY: Unplug any appliances that are not being used and are on standby. Turn off your mobile phone charger, TV, microwave and MP3 player as appliances left on standby account for up to 10% of the average household’s electricity use. Wow!
  • SPREAD THE WORD: Tell your friends about Earth Hour by involving your friends and family. Encourage them to sign-up turn off their lights at 7.30pm Saturday 31 March 2007.

Oh, and some of you smart marketers out there may want to help support a global extension to this. C’mon, wouldn’t it be nice to leave a living planet to our grandkids?

It’s a Small World

Some time ago, my brother, Dean and I were talking about business opportunities. You see, he was in the process of moving back to Sydney from Melbourne and was thinking about going into business for himself. He is a great hairdresser but had lost most of his clientele in the years he had lived in Melbourne so he was thinking that it was going to be difficult to get back into the industry in Sydney. I suggested that he start his own business — but one with a twist — a hairdressing service that cuts your hair in your office.

A short time later, OfficeHair was born.

Of course, I have been pushing him into the world of blogging. And lo and behold, we just had our first blogger-in-common moment. I was suggesting that he try to hook up with some Australian bloggers who specialise in the Australian fashion and style scene … and sure enough he met up with Sara the Bargain Queen who I had met at the bloggers hookup after Ad:Tech. Just goes to show that it is a small world after all!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I was following a little hypertext love tonight and ended up at Kevin Dugan’s excellent blog. As I scrolled through his past posts I found this great photo and had to share.

Bloggers Take Manhattan

Bloggers Take Manhattan
Originally uploaded by mattanium.

It seems like there was a bit of a bloggers party over in New York the other night. I found this link through to Matt Dickman’s blog where he has a whole raft of photos. And sure enough, there is my pal CK … and surprise visitor Valeria Maltoni. Sounds like a great night!

You can catch up on the night of nights over at CK’s blog or follow this link back to Matt’s Flickr photoset.

Will You Still Love Me When I am 500?

SocstarI have been amazed. Humbled even. At times, dumbstruck … but also exhilarated. I have watched from time to time as my Technorati ranking inches higher and the number of links increase. Early on, Ann Handley gave me the opportunity to contribute to MarketingProfs which made me write a bio, upload a photo and start using my own name rather than the mysterious "Servant of Chaos". I have been mentioned as hovering somewhere on the edge of Mack Collier’s Top 25 Marketing Blogs (wow, cool). A little while ago Liz Strauss awarded me an SOB, and Todd And recently decided to expand (and automate) his Power 150 to include non-US sites such as Russell’s blog, Brand Tarot, Adliterate and Servant of Chaos.

While I am pleased to be mentioned alongside all these great blogs it still amazes me that through blogging it is possible to reach out, engage and become friends with people from all over the world. As David Armano recently said to me "My blog life is far more glamourous than my real life" — me too!

I checked Technorati today and found that I am close to having 500 inbound blog links. This seems to me to be a milestone of some kind. Much of this, I feel, is a result of the phenomenal Z-list … and may evaporate in the next 90-180 days, but it is nice while it lasts!

Having said that, one of the most fascinating things that can be done is to follow the hypertext love back through the web. By doing this I have found some amazing and exciting blogs and "met" a wide range of people from Europe to India, across the US and even here in Australia (just check my blogroll — I do almost every day). I am sure that a big blog party has to be on the cards soon!

So, I was thinking about what it means to turn 500, and wondering how best to celebrate. It is clear that there are many people who read my posts but don’t leave comments — and probably have been doing so for some time. So … I am thinking I will take a leaf out of Pauly’s book and open up the chaos to a guest blogger. All you got to do is be the 500th inbound blog link — then come back here and leave me a comment. Scary? Maybe not for you, but probably for me!

Oh, and if you want to be a Hollywood Star, get your own here.