Monotreme Madness

Tasmanian Devil
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Yesterday’s blogging experience was unpleasant — and I was only a bystander. You will all, by now, have heard of Kathy Sierra’s ordeal … and I will not replay is for you. Suffice to say, the less links that are shared to those who are defending their actions (or lack of action) the better.

But as I was considering closing down for the evening, I saw a very funny Twitter that reminded me of some of the BEST things about the blogosphere. Other bloggers. The fun ones.

In a burst of silliness, David Armano and a few others decided to change their Twitter icon to a marsupial picture. So I joined in, going for the ever cool Platypus for my icon (realising I was cheating — as Scotty Monty points out, it’s a monotreme). Then I saw this from Drew McLellan:

I can hear my mother now – "if Armano & Gavin told you to dress like a wombat, would you?" Sadly, apparently the answer is yes.

It cracked me up. And was needed after yesterday’s gravitas.

Oh … and if you want to join in … it seems marsupial madness has given way to star wars silliness.
Over and out.

3 thoughts on “Monotreme Madness

  1. Gavin, it was fun right? I agree about it being a bright spot on kind of a sucky day.
    Guess what though? True to the speed of this medium, a bunch of us are now going “Star Wars”. Take a look and you’ll see.
    Gotta keep it interesting mate. 🙂

  2. Hey Gavin,
    I’ve got my Twitter page pimped out with my Star Wars character (it’s Salacious Crumb, crony of Jabba the Hutt). Let’s shoot for another round on Friday, and I’ll call it – your favorite literary character.
    P.S. Only my best friend’s grandmother calls me “Scotty” 😉

  3. Gavin,
    You are exactly right — it was complete and utter tomfoolery which was what we all needed to put things back into balance.
    Isn’t it interesting that the software everyone is struggling to justify is what healed us all?
    For me — there is the perfect example of the intimacy that Twitter offers. It connects friends. And then the friends get to decide what they need from each other and the medium. Some days, we trade links or industry news. Yesterday, we were marsupials.
    In the end…it’s about the connection.
    Drew (the Wombat)

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