A Collection of Social Media Case Studies

Some organisations are well ahead of the digital innovation curve – and are maturing their digital business practices. Others, however, are in the early stages, feeling their way, gathering information and trying to figure out just HOW digital can be part of their businesses.

If you (or your organisation) are in the early stages, it sometimes helps to learn from others. It can help expand your thinking, validate your approach and provide justification to your senior executives. So I thought I’d share a few case studies that you might find useful. If there are studies that I have missed, leave a note and a link in the comments below! Note: some of these are premium content.

Name Category Year Topic/Focus
Tough Mudder Events 2013 Facebook, Brand building, Community building
Various (Hotels) Travel 2013 Integrated marketing, Twitter, Facebook
US Navy Defence / Government 2013 Communications
ASOS Retail 2013 Sales, Community engagement
Queensland Police Service Government / Services 2010 Disaster management
Evalueserve Market Research 2011 Brand building, lead generation
UK Marketing Lounge Jobs board 2012 LinkedIn
Whole Foods Retail 2010 Awareness, community building
Social Media Week Conferences 2012 Community building
Volkswagen Automotive 2011 Awareness, LinkedIn
H&M Retail 2012 Content marketing, Search
Dollar Shave Club Retail 2012 Video, Content marketing, New product launch
Ford Fiestagram Automotive 2012 New product launch, Instagram
SmartPak Equine Retail 2012 Email, Marketing automation
Five Years in the Cloud with Workday HR 2013 Cloud, Human capital management
DocuSign eSignature transactions 2012 Marketing automation, Demand generation

Belinha has more than good looks Francisco Martins via Compfight

The New Physics of the Consumerverse

If you weren’t able to get along to the inaugural DiG Festival in Newcastle, you certainly missed an amazing event. But not all is lost. The DiG Festival team are making a great number of presentationsavailable for viewing. They’ve just posted mine – and it seems they’ve nicely edited out some of the glitches I had with the slide controller. Would love your feedback – drop me a message in the comments below.

The Digital Tool Landscape


For years, I have been collecting tools that help me get things done. Some of them run on my computer or on a web platform. Some of them have become obsolete or were closed down when the startup money ran out. But almost always, digital tools have some value to the marketer – even if it is just to stimulate our thinking about the way that consumers engage and participate online.

As the market has matured – and as we have found more business focused benefits that come from digital engagement – categories of use have begun to emerge. We can now find various use cases for digital technology, white papers, research and even case studies. But often we still struggle with determining which tool to use when. For example, we may look at crowdsourcing for insight rather than ideation, or collaborative platforms for brainstorming rather than development.

Now, rather than just applying trial and error, this great interactive tool from strategy+business can help you choose the right tool for the right job. Now, you can spend more time doing and less time trying to figure out how. No more excuses!