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This is not actually a post about this tremendous piece of Mac software (though you Mac folks may want to check it out!).

Joseph Jaffe is running a survey on the most valuable marketing blogs. The premise is this — many of us don’t read books so much anymore, we prefer blogs (sorry CK). So now you can vote for the top 5 out of a list of 32. When voting consider which blog:

  • delivers the best crash course/introduction to new marketing for newcomers/newbies
  • provides essential insights to those trying to get up to speed with the pace of change
  • offers superior levels of marketing relevance, value and utility
  • demonstrates consistent strategic thought leadership

There really are some great blogs here, some which I have not (perhaps to my shame) read. Looks like I have a busy night of reading ahead of me!

4 thoughts on “A Delicious Library

  1. Hi Gavin,
    This is/will be a great marketing resource! An blog version of the exec book summaries.
    This type of listing has tremendously focused my reading, as I am one to try to read everything v. the right thing. Guidance is critical for me to get the right information, and to sleep.

  2. We’ve closed the voting…and are using the voting to seed the blogs 1st – 32nd.
    Full brackets and pairings will be open for voting tomorrow

  3. Joe … that is exactly the way that blogs should work! I am an avid blog reader … and rank the insight of those I respect WAY above the generic business/marketing blogs out there. If I am thinking about an issue I will check with them first — oftentimes they have already covered it and articulated it better than I. And this can then be used to frame my own thinking.
    jJ … there are some excellent blogs that I have just discovered due to this. Thanks!
    Mack … I must admit to being humbled by being listed amongst some of these very well established and insightful blogs. But even better, I have found others that I never knew existed (or never made the time to check out). And thanks for your vote of confidence, my friend!

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