Join Me in Twitter Poetry

We have been having so much fun with Twitter. We share and spread links and ideas, talk business, blogosphere and world events. There is also a lot of silliness … we change photos (from personal to marsupial to magician to hero/villain) and share personal facts (some of us share more than others) — but all in a good humoured way.

The thing about Twitter is that it is highly collaborative … and it is this that has interested me. So I thought I might try a little experiment — collaborative poetry. I have setup a new Twitter account called TwitterPoetry.

You can either:

  • Log into the TwitterPoetry account: Use the username TwitterPoetry and password twitterpoetry and contribute a line to the growing poem.
  • Follow TwitterPoetry: Become a "follower" of TwitterPoetry and see how the poem grows as and when someone else contributes to it.

To see the whole poem, go here.

Let your creative juices flow … I look forward to reading your/our work!

10 thoughts on “Join Me in Twitter Poetry

  1. Gavin, GREAT concept! I just added the first entry beyond the original. I don’t know if we’re doing for doggerel or abstract iambic pentameter, but it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.
    Is there a way to get Twitter to display tweets in chronological order, rather than the most recent first?

  2. Gavin–You’re so creative. This is a fabulous idea. One of the things I’ve come to love about Twitter is that some of the random lines that come across my feed do have a poetic, artistic quality, I’m sure without the “author” even intending it. It’s sort of a living performance art. Now you’ve found a way for everyone to collaborate together.

  3. I agree. Twitter is great fun and can be used for lots of things, including poetry. You might enjoy my attempt at twitter+haiku at Not much haiku I realize, but a fun use of twitter.

  4. Hey all, I love this idea I’m trying to get tweeting poets together just as a online writing group. We all tweet our own 146 character poems/stanzas and follow each other, be sure to favorite the poems you like!
    Here’s the popped cherry post!
    I don’t want a love you have to put on the clothes line. I need at least a low heat tumble dry love, a favorite t-shirt kind of love.

  5. Hi Gavin,
    I applaud the twitter poetry project, however, I’d like to hear your reflections on it, now that it has been going a year. It seems built by committee poem lacks the cohesion and quality of poetry produced by individuals or collectives with a similar vision and process for editting.
    All the best,

  6. This is a great concept. I was always wondering why collaborative writing idea can root out online, as there is a bunch of good medias, and Twitter is just one of these.
    There is a new Twitter Poetry application called TwiHaiku for publishing and discussing a short verse poetry online. You may find it at:
    I think this is first serious attempt to make fusion of Twitter format and short verse form in one place.
    I invite all to join the service and help it take off.

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