You Can’t Control the Links that Come To You

I love hypertext … I love the unexpected journey that a blank browser represents. As I wait for the "server to respond", my sense of anticipation increases. Where will this link take me? What will I find? Who will cross my hypertext path and what will be the shape of their footprint on it?

There are many ways to start a hypertext adventure. I use a variety of approaches:

  • Referring websites: I look through my list of referrals and trace back to the links others have used to find this site.
  • Search terms: I investigate my Google Analytics keyword information to see which searches are bringing people here.
  • Technorati: A great and easy way to track inbound links.

On the referrals front, the other day I found an incoming link from an unexpected site. It was from Jaffe Juice and I was interested to know how I had come to Jaffe’s attention. It seems that I had been nominated as a "most valuable blog" by my good friend, Batman … I mean, David Armano. Next thing I know I am entered into the MVB playoffs — up against Mark Cuban’s BlogMaverick — wow tough! But nowhere near as tough as Armano’s — he is up against my other great buddy, CK.

Search terms are also interesting … but mine are nowhere near as strange as Katie’s. I don’t know who is out there searching for this term (I dare not type it), but it just goes to show that the world wide web is home to some strange beasts (ok … need to check whether it was my Dad).


Technoratilinks Finally, Technorati can be in a league of its own. And with some strong help from the Z-list, I am receiving links from posts which are, well, unusual, and frankly, kind of frightening. Oh, and if you DO want to follow this link … be careful. There are some photos that are … well — read the words.

I leave some of these links … and these thoughts, to your own imagination. Hmmm.

2 thoughts on “You Can’t Control the Links that Come To You

  1. How well known are the Dallas Mavericks in Sydney?
    Anyway, I voted for you.
    And how about Michael Phelps. Looks like the Thorpedo retired at the right time.

  2. Hey Gavin–
    Click on a link that commented on my comment and here I am. Well worth the trip, I must say, and much cheaper than my last foray down under (to Melbourne and Cairns).
    That said, like Roger, I too cast my vote for you against the billionaire blogger. We little guys have to band together and bring down those behemoths like Seth Godin, Mark Cuban and…uh, Roger von Oech (just kidding Rog.)
    P.S. Call it Naked Ambition…

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