Bloggers Take Manhattan

Bloggers Take Manhattan
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It seems like there was a bit of a bloggers party over in New York the other night. I found this link through to Matt Dickman’s blog where he has a whole raft of photos. And sure enough, there is my pal CK … and surprise visitor Valeria Maltoni. Sounds like a great night!

You can catch up on the night of nights over at CK’s blog or follow this link back to Matt’s Flickr photoset.

5 thoughts on “Bloggers Take Manhattan

  1. It was great, for all of us, but especially for this new blogger. Each time someone came into the room, there were shouts of recognition and hugs. Made me realize just how special bloggers are.
    Maybe next time, you’ll be able to join us.

  2. Gavin you and all our other buddies were missed (Puh-lease get your Aussie butt here to NYC or maybe we can get me a project over in Sydney and I can live there for a month!). You have such an impact on me–and everyone in this corner of the ‘sphere–and it’s a crime that I’ve not been able to meet you yet…soon, k?

  3. Gavin:
    I love it, I went from Valeria to Victoria 😉 It was a victorious night indeed, meeting all these gifted marketers and writers. BTW, the other fantastic blogger in the photo is CB Whittemore from Flooring the Consumer.

  4. gavin, we are at the border of the empire, so we have to arrange our own meeting. i’m rather confident that we can find some cool people around and have great drinks, too. cheers.

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