Friday Folly – January 2, 2009

jesus-pitabread One of the things that we often forget about marketing is that it is based entirely on emotion. After all, we make decisions not based on what we KNOW but on what we FEEL. This is where marketing and psychology or human behavioural analysis cross over.

A quick visit to any online auction site will provide an amazing glimpse into the world in which we live. Take this auction, for example.

Not only does “Hamiltonian_11” miraculously identify a piece of toasted pita bread as Jesus Christ, he continues to feed the story of his “product” via a humourous stream of commentary and answers to serious and oblique questions alike.

This Friday Folly is dedicated to the person who pays more that $65 for a piece of dried up bread.

Friday Folly – December 19, 2008

83560305Just when you think 2008 could not get any sillier, the blogosphere delivers yet another knockout punch. Yes, that’s right … courtesy of Nick Burcher, we have Roller Skating Dwarfs.

Knowing full-well that Getty Images monitor search terms as a way to deliver images that satisfy the trend hunters, a Facebook group was setup with the aim of prompting a special photoshoot. So now, should your campaign call for some specialised stock photography, you can download it here.

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Friday Folly – November 21, 2008

You have probably already seen this, but the folly of the week can ONLY be awarded to this lovely piece from Motrin. Though in my opinion, the folly was not in creating or even pulling the ad from circulation – but in NOT capitalising on the situation by engaging in the conversation that was ALREADY happening around the brand.

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Friday Folly: September 19, 2008

How many times have you been in a meeting and you have heard "let’s make a viral video"? You know what happens next — a bunch of half-conceived ideas are thrown onto the table and a hasty decision is made in an effort to "get something out there".

But what happens of some real planning happens with a "viral video"? What happens if the corporate marketing machine gets behind an idea and puts some effort into it? What happens when we take the "social" part of "social media" just a little too far? Watch this … do you think it could happen?

Via Emily Wearmouth