Friday Folly – December 19, 2008

83560305Just when you think 2008 could not get any sillier, the blogosphere delivers yet another knockout punch. Yes, that’s right … courtesy of Nick Burcher, we have Roller Skating Dwarfs.

Knowing full-well that Getty Images monitor search terms as a way to deliver images that satisfy the trend hunters, a Facebook group was setup with the aim of prompting a special photoshoot. So now, should your campaign call for some specialised stock photography, you can download it here.

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One thought on “Friday Folly – December 19, 2008

  1. I still can’t work this out though – is it a clever PR stunt showing how responsive they are or is it a privacy faux-pas where they have inadvertently highlighted the fact that they keep and analyse everyones search data?

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