Content Marketing Predictions for 2009

Joe Pulizzi has tapped into his Top 42 Content Bloggers, asking them to make some predictions about the year ahead.

My favourites from the list, so far include:

Certainly sounds like it will be an interesting year. Happy holidays to all my readers.

2 thoughts on “Content Marketing Predictions for 2009

  1. I like Scott Monty’s suggestion for 2009.
    I hope corporations try simple conversation based activities without the weight of overly optimistic expectations.
    Let’s keep it simple and hope for a year of experimentation.
    All the best for the holidays!

  2. So many good ones to choose from. I Valeria Maltoni’s has been really sticking with me for some reason…content execution will take priority over content strategy. Of course, it’s tough to have execution without a good strategy, but most companies just aren’t pushing their content processes and getting it out there. I think 2009 is the year we really see that kick into high gear. All content marketing success comes down to execution at the end of the day.
    Thanks for your prediction as well. Of course, I agree with you.

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