Henderson & Horning – Sexist Advertising

Sometimes I wonder if Wade Millican secretly wears a cape. Not only is he incredibly smart, he also acts as the social conscience of Twitter, regularly pointing out the imbalances in our world. Or perhaps it’s just mine (thanks, Wade). So this week’s Friday Folly is devoted to Henderson & Horning who are being personally introduced to social media by Wade.


A few weeks ago, Wade pointed out the billboard shown here. He wasn’t happy about the depiction and content. He didn’t like walking past it each day on his way to work — so he decided to do something about it. He rang Henderson & Horning to complain. Not gaining satisfaction, he contacted the advertising standards board and lodged an official complaint … which is now being processed.

Yesterday, Wade provided an update, noticing that a Google search for Henderson and Horning brings up his entry "Sexist Advertising" just below the business’ entry. The memory of the long tail is, indeed, forever.

Update: Seth Godin asks us to consider our complicity in bad marketing. Think about the choices we make when we make a purchase decision.

Friday Folly — March 14, 2008

Christvertising Just when I was wondering what to write up for today’s Friday Folly, I was rescued by a tweet from Tim Brunelle pointing out this fantastic site. It is a MUST SEE for anyone working in marketing/advertising. There are some fantastic pointers for us all:

We skip the strategic deliverables. We pas on the matrixes, the payoffs and the metrics. We ignore any viral functionality. We focus on the ultimate end-user …

And, ok, it may not exactly be a Friday Folly … but it may make you smile at the end of a busy week.