Friday Folly — February 15, 2008

The Banner Blog folks (via Katie Chatfield) bring today’s folly — but not from the brand messaging point of view. This is the response TO a piece of direct mail. How would you handle this one, dear reader?


6 thoughts on “Friday Folly — February 15, 2008

  1. I received an “offer” in the mail to trade in my vehicle for “up to” 90% of the original MSRP.
    The fine print told me that it was up to 90%… less 52 cents per mile on the vehicle. I did the calculations and determined that I would owe them about $32,000.
    Nice deal.

  2. If I personally received something like this to a piece of DM I sent, I’d pack my business up and go jump in a lake somewhere. I hate this stuff as much as this guy.
    The problem is this crap happens because of the small amount of people out there who do respond and keep it economically viable. Can’t we tax business correspondence based on it’s ‘crap’ value? I am sure I could come up with an algorithm.

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