A Cup of Chaos

Warm Cup of Chaos
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Inspired by the Five in the Morning series so well put-together by Steve Woodruff (check out his new site, by the way), I was chatting with Amber Naslund about the ready abundance of online material that is of interest, but not necessarily relevant to our work (or even private) lives. Sometimes it is this small cup of chaos that delivers a dose of randomness into our otherwise ordered lives that changes the way we see things.

So, in an effort to share this with you all, and with the encouragement of Olivier Blanchard, Steven Smith and Steve Woodruff, Amber and I have decided to team up on a regular series of posts.

Twice a week we will present you with a Cup of Chaos. I will kick start your week with a little left-of-field joy, and Amber will wrap up, on Fridays with something to think about over the weekend.

The first post will be up next Monday. Oh … and if you have any suggestions for inclusion – let us know. There's always room for one more!

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