Why Wont Online Video Ads Bleep Off

I could feel a rant coming on the moment I glanced at the summary … I have been glancing over at marktd for the past week or so and checking out the reviews of the world of marketing professionals, and then came across this — "Online Video Ads Need Revamping".

Not only do they need revamping, they need rethinking. It is NOT simply good enough to shoot a commercial and then digitise it … such an approach indicates a fundamental LACK of understanding about the web and the people who use it. Tourism Australia took this approach recently and claimed it was a viral success … and just the other day I was interrupted by some ad for a car on the Sydney Morning Herald website. Both approaches appalled me. Considering the budgets that some of these agencies are working with, you would have expected them to come up with something truly innovative and engaging. But no …

OK … I feel a little better (if anyone is still reading).

So then I clicked through to the actual article about online video … and found that there was at least a little value. I do actually like the idea of "telescoping" as outlined in Jeremy Allaire’s speech … being able to telescope into a video scene to interact with "product related messages" could be interesting … it may even make someone some money. But this is another advertising technology that will need to get past the annoyance factor before it will be accepted.

Me? I am just surfing over to some other site where those ads wont annoy me.