New Australian Blog Search

Python_and_gnuSo it looks like we have our own, Australian rival to Technorati. It is called Gnoos and it launched yesterday. There is quite a strong blogging community in Australia so it will be interesting to see how it all goes!

I was, of course, looking for a story behind the name … but their search did not show anything up. Hmmm … wonder what the news is on gnoos.

3 thoughts on “New Australian Blog Search

  1. there is a famous song from when my mum was a kid called “I’m a gnu”… sorta like the pussycat dolls but a few decades ago… Also we are built on top of open source software and GNU preceeded open source, with the Free Software movement… and a gnu/gnoo – is the wildebeest from the afrikaans : and also when we started this business early last year we could get all the .com, .au, .uk domains, company name and so on for gnoos.. so basically my mum came up with the name 🙂 BB

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