Eat Your Own Cake

Sometimes I wonder why I spend so much time blogging … and at other times I get a sincere joy out of the interactions, conversations and ideas that come from the process of writing and reading. And then I came across this post over at Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger site — a group writing project where Darren encourages his readers to write about their blog goals.

I am a fan of eating your own cake — not just talking about a technology, a tool, an idea … but actually engaging with it, trying to figure it out … and putting your own creativity out into the world. Of course, that is a little terrifying — but that is part of the fun. So when I started thinking about blogs and blogging and how it was changing the way that we all communicate and engage with brands, with stories and (on the other side) with companies, then I thought I should learn by doing.

Diego over at Metacool talks a little about this in this post on CEOs and the need for them to "get technology". And while I don’t entirely agree, it is clear that business leaders do need to have an understanding of technology — but more importantly — they need to be able to spot the innovative use of the technology to achieve a business goal. And while I am not a CEO, the lessons I have learned by actively writing and engaging with this blog have been suprising.

And while this blog and the lessons I have learned may not change the world, it has certainly been very tasty.


10 thoughts on “Eat Your Own Cake

  1. I’ve recently realised what blogging was about and what one could achieve by doing it, and you’re right, it’s a bit terrifying but it’s the same terrifying thing than a rollercoaster: it’s so exciting that you don’t actually care anymore about being scared

  2. I’m a blogger myself and in my blog I always try to follow the goals. I suppose the main goal is to give my readers the most useful and sometimes amazing information on dating and dating business. Of course I like new projects that are released in the web and they inspire me to give some ideas on site administration.
    I think that there is nothing to be afraid of in blogging. When you write you are inspired by the idea and get new ones which can help the readers to profit. That’s great;)

  3. When I started to blog seriously 100 days ago, my initial goal was to get links and readers but now I touch that the most important thing is to give useful content. I wish that I can excel in daily.

  4. My favorite thing about blogging is the tools. Like you, I like to figure them out and use them. But I’m also really loving the sense of commuity and conversation as well.

  5. Ah yes … will share my lessons in upcoming posts — and though I expect it will be the same as many others, I will try to add something special. Thanks all for the comments.

  6. “they need to be able to spot the innovative use of the technology to achieve a business goal” – oh, so very true.
    Is your goal then to help businesses achieve their own goals by spotting innovative uses of technology for them?
    That’s a lofty goal!

  7. iam learn, on one of my blog the reader is like easy read, not more then 400 word, and this realy important to me to know what reader want

  8. Learn by doing. It would be fun to document real time project through blogging. It is also lot of fun to follow on-going learning process that way writer becomes closer. Personally I have to get that log home project going and soon, so that I can blog about that.

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