Enter the Constellation Supernova Awards

I’m judging the 2016 Constellation SuperNova Awards again this year. It has been a while, but I am excited to see the innovation that is emerging from enterprises around the world. Every year the Constellation SuperNova Awards recognise individuals for their leadership in digital business. and the great thing is, you don’t have to be a North American business. Anyone can enter. Nominate yourself or someone you know before August 8, 2016. It’s a great way to promote your program while also learning from others in the same field. Learn more and apply here.

About the SuperNova Awards

The SuperNova Awards honour leaders that demonstrate excellence in the application and adoption of new and emerging technologies.

In its sixth year, the Constellation SuperNova Awards will recognize individuals who demonstrate leadership in nine categories:

  • Internet of Things – A network of smart objects enables smart services. (sensors, smart ‘things’, device to purchase, artificial intelligence)
  • Data to Decisions – Using data to make informed business decisions. (big data, predictive analytics)
  • Digital Marketing Transformation – Personalized, data-driven digital marketing
  • Future of Work: Social Business – The technologies enabling teams to work together efficiently. (enterprise social networks, collaboration, digital assistants)
  • Future of Work: Human Capital Management – Enabling your organization to utilize your workforce as an asset.  (talent management, benefits, HR core)
  • Matrix Commerce – Commerce responds to changing realities from the supply chain to the storefront. (digital retail, supply chain, payments, ‘ubiquitous-channel’ retail)
  • Next Generation Customer Experience – Customers in the digital age demand seamless service throughout all lifecycle stages and across all channels.  (crm, customer experience)
  • Safety and Privacy – Strategies to secure sensitive data (blockchain, digital identity, authentication)
  • Technology Optimization & Innovation – Innovative methods to balance innovation and IT budgets. (innovation in the cloud, ENSW cost savings, cloud ERP, efficient app production).

The SuperNova Awards are seeking leaders and teams who have innovatively applied disruptive technolgies to their business models as a means of adapting to the rapidly-changing digital business environment. If you have what it takes to compete in the SuperNova Awards submit your application today: https://www.constellationr.com/events/supernova/2016

Last Chance to Enter Telstra Australian Business Awards

You have a week to get your entry in for this year’s Telstra Australian Business Awards. The awards close on Monday, 30 March 2015.

The Awards program has recognised the achievements of brilliant Australian small and medium businesses across five awards categories – Startup, Micro, Small, Medium and Regional.

Obviously there are some great opportunities that come from being selected as a Telstra Business Awards finalist – but the process of entering the Awards can help you really focus on your customers, the value you provide and the impact that you are having.

In addition to the personal / professional satisfaction that comes with entering, every business that enters the Awards receives a 70-page Business Health Check report that evaluates their business performance, identifies areas for improvement and provides a platform to review business strategy and plan for future growth.

Telstra Business Group Managing Director Will Irving said the Awards not only recognise the best in business but also provide some amazing opportunities for business growth and innovation.

“The Awards are an opportunity for businesses to benchmark their performance across all sectors, providing unparalleled networking opportunities and a chance to reinforce credibility, build recognition and pursue new ventures.”

Winners of the state-based Telstra Business Awards will be announced at gala dinners throughout July, with national finals to be held in Sydney on 20 August 2015.

Nominations and entries can be made at telstrabusinessawards.com or by calling 1800 AWARDS.

ENTERCreative Commons License Abdullah Bin Sahl via Compfight

ADMA-Telstra Young Marketer and Young Creative of the Year Finalists

adma-yc-ym There was a time where I wore a rather cynical hat when it came to awards. I’d look at the projects that won and the effort that would go into creating the award pitches and see holes, sub-standard work or missed opportunities. But with more experience on both client and agency sides, I am far more forgiving. And sometimes astounded or amazed at the work that does get done. After all, almost every piece of work that is seen in public has been pored over, compromised, championed and changed. It’s the rough and ready world of creative collaboration – and it’s harder than a dozen series of Mad Men would have you believe.

Which is why it’s important to celebrate the fact that great work is done and that there are scores of young marketers showing the leadership to make it happen.

Sponsored by Telstra, the finalists for the ADMA Young Creative of the Year are:

  • Tara Mckenty, Creative Director, Google APAC, for ‘Make your own luck’
  • Sal Cavallaro, Art Director, 303Lowe Sydney, for ‘An Eye into NY’
  • Brendan Graham, Copywriter and Strategist, Soap Creative, for ‘Under 30 invite’
  • Scott Nolan, Senior Art Director, Drifter, for ‘Flirt with your future’
  • Elliott White, Junior Copywriter, JWT, for ‘Launch brand you.’

And the finalists for the ADMA Young Marketer of the Year are:

  • Sue Kim, Product Marketing Specialist, Adobe
  • Richard Schmid, Advertising Manager, Dick Smith
  • Lucas Black-Dendle, Strategic Planner, Whybin\TBWA Group Sydney
  • Allister Hercus, Social Media Strategist, MEC
  • Penny Richardson, Head of Customer Marketing, Foxtel.

The overall winners will be announced on Thursday, 30 October at ADMA’s Australian Creativity and Effectiveness Awards (AC&E Awards) at The Star, Pyrmont. The winning creative campaign will be rolled out nationally as a call to entry for the 2015 ADMA Young Marketer and Young Creative competitions.

You’ve Got an Extension! Enter ADMA’s Young Marketer of the Year

Are you Australia’s best young marketer? Or best young creative?

Then here is your chance to win an all expenses paid trip to New York.

Simply visit the High Five ADMA website (ok, don’t blame me, I didn’t come up with it) and put your case forward.

What’s involved? For marketers:

To enter the competition you need to be under the age of 30, and you can be working as a client-side marketer, for an agency or on the supply side, in a data house, at a production company or in any environment where data-driven marketing is applied.

For creatives:

… We want you to create a nationwide advertising campaign for
ADMA to promote the Young Marketer of the Year and Young Creative
of the Year to run in 2014.

The deadline for entries has been extended by a week – so that means you have until 5pm on Friday, 23 August 2013. You’d best get going.

praise the hand? Steph L via Compfight

Three Things I Learned Judging the Digital AWARD Awards

A couple of months ago, I asked to sit on the Digital Panel for the Australasian Writers and Art Directors Association (AWARD) Awards. I met with with Co-Chairman of Publicis Mojo and Chairman of AWARD, Craig Davis and was fascinated to hear first-hand about where AWARDs were heading and why. As he explained to Campaign Brief:

Our mission is to champion commercial creativity and we're very ambitious about it.  We want to build far greater value into being an AWARD member.

But I was interested to see how this vision would play out in reality. What would it mean to participate on a judging panel? Would there be conflicts? How would we all deal with uneven perspectives and our own expectations? Would there be any hissy fits and who would be the first to throw down the tiara and head home? I just hoped it wouldn’t be me.

1. Great work is clearly, great work

Over two days (including a weekend) in February we all met to review and assess the short list containing around 200 pieces of content. Iain McDonald was the gracious and proactive jury chairman encouraged us all to focus on the work submitted and to fearlessly champion what we loved.

Over the course of two intense days, I came to greatly admire my fellow judges: Iain McDonald from Amnesia Razorfish, Andy DiLallo from Leo Burnett, Dave Whittle from M&C Saatchi, Tiphereth Gloria from GPY&R, Chris Gillespie from  Future Buro, Bob Mackintosh from The Jamboree, Paul Bruty from the Glue Society and Ashley Ringrose from Soap.

Everyone was able to recall the campaigns, what happened when, and what their initial reactions were. It was very clear that everyone lived and breathed this work – but perhaps, most importantly, they all took their responsibilities personally – standing up for the great work that they saw and arguing the case as appropriate.

Each of the pieces that were to be included in the AWARDS book for 2011 deserved to be there. And those that received silver or bronze awards went that step beyond. The great work stood out – and that made our job easier.

2. Be an advocate for great work

While the judges pretty-much agreed on the works which would be included in the AWARDS book, the panel is small. With nine judges in all, one vote can swing the outcome. And when one of the judges would abstain from voting on work that they were connected to, it became even more intense.

When we reviewed and re-reviewed each category and discussed the merits of the work and awarding of the “gongs”, we could often be swayed by the arguments of the other judges. Those judges who were passionate about a particular entry would put forward their views. They’d advocate their position and explain their thinking. Sometimes that meant a piece would be voted up, and sometimes it meant that a piece was voted down.

But the process was fascinating. The insights of the judges were brilliant. And sometimes that advocacy changed the way we looked at everything else.

3. Be critical but not mean

One of the mantras we followed was to “be critical but not mean”. I liked the intelligence behind this. And, particularly for an industry which lives and dies by its “creativity”, focusing on critique, analysis and advocacy meant that the works being judged were given a fair hearing.

What about you?

After spending many, many hours reviewing entries, reading submissions and watching videos, I have a new respect for those who judge awards. A lot of time, energy, focus and even creativity goes into the process. In a way, I would have loved to make this more open – where those who were involved in the creating the work were able to receive the feedback from the panel. Of course, that would bring a new level of intensity to the judging process, but quality feedback is an essential ingredient for creative growth. Getting this sort of unbiased and unvarnished feedback would be immensely valuable (even if it was confronting).

But what about you? Do these lessons resonate with you? Did you see the digital AWARDS finalists? What did you love?

I can see easily how to apply these three lessons in my everyday work:

  1. Great work: you know it when you see it. If you work on the client side, hold out for great work from your agency. Push for it. If you are on the agency side, drive your teams to deliver. Grasp the idea and drag it kicking and screaming to life.
  2. Advocate: if you have a great idea, tell the world. Tell your clients. Tell your boss. If you believe in it, don’t let others dissuade you. For agencies: don’t let your client chip away at its integrity. For client-side: articulate, cajole and win support. Sell it in.
  3. Critical, not mean: you’re in the business of communication. Use those finely honed skills to articulate what you don’t like. Or better yet, explain how you can make an idea better. When you’re mean, no one wins. You look petty and everyone else thinks your a dirtbag.

Now, it’s your turn.

Hive Awards – Unsung Heroes, Apply Here

hiveawards You know what it’s like … you slave away for weeks or months on end. You put your best thinking, creativity and imagination into it. You wait, anxiously, as it begins to reach its audience … first in ones and twos and then, more. Then it is time for feedback, recognition, reward … only sometimes this last stage doesn’t happen. Well, not for all of us.

If you are one of those “behind the scenes” folks who help build websites, create strategies, engage “users” – then the Hive Awards is for you. Celebrating the unsung heroes of the internet, the Hive Awards:

… are designed to reward all the unsung heroes of the internet: the coders, programmers, user experience designers, content strategists, information architects, planners and the like: the people who innovate and create but rarely get the credit.

You only have a few weeks to get your entry in – so quickly, check out the website and start thinking about your favourite project.

Oh, and the good thing is – the Hive Awards is granular. So it doesn’t matter if the latest MTV promotion got more visits and visibility than your finance site. You are still in with a chance. Get your entries in by January 31.