Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

So this is it, is it? It seems 2012 has only just started and I am already reduced to producing one curated post per week!

Ah, but never fear, I am just recalibrating … taking some time to get my bearings for a new year. There is plenty on, of course, and we all struggle with priorities – but rather than rush headlong into activity, I am hoping to restructure my focus a little and maintain my sanity in the process of what I expect to be a busy year. How about you? Busy start?

If so – or even if not – these five must-reads will get you thinking in the right direction!

  1. There are plenty of social media monitoring and measuring tools out there. But which one is the right one for you? Or do you need more than one? Ingeborg van Beusekom helps you find the balance.
  2. Ever find social media unimaginative? Ever thought it was media in search of a good idea? You may want to read Ben Phillips’ guest post on Mark Pollard’s blog – How to Make Good Social Ideas.
  3. We love using, engaging and playing on social networks. But make no mistake – they are built with a business purpose – to make money. As Craig Wilson says, it’s a war for web supremacy and you’re in the crossfire.
  4. I have always thought that one of the powerful elements of social media is that it provides something that we have lost in our lives – a sense of connectedness. But what happens if it came back? Richard Huntington says the real revolution in social won’t be online. I tend to agree.
  5. It seems like a long way off – but I love the thinking behind this article by Greg Satell. In the Future of Retail he writes about the omnichannel world and the way it will transform our shopping experiences. Can’t wait.