Miss Piggy: Fox News Ain’t News

Last week, two icons from my childhood – Kermit and Miss Piggy – were in the UK promoting the new Muppets movie. And they are in a press conference – with desk, microphones – all the trappings of a traditional press conference (which I love), when they are quizzed about commentary coming from some of the Fox News journalists.

Without missing a beat, Kermit turns the question around, brings it back to the main topic – the movie (with humour), and Miss Piggy steps in with a power slam answer (heeey-yah). Of course, you can also follow the resulting Twitter stream (#GOPMuppetHearings).

You’ve got to hand it to the team behind The Muppets. They are consistently on message, focus on delivering the Muppet Brand Experience (MBE) – to all audiences, not just kids, and can get the audience on their side even under direct questioning. There’s plenty we could all learn here – maybe we need more MBEs and fewer MBAs?