Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

In the year ahead, don’t be surprised when you hear pronouncements such as “social media is over” or that Facebook/Twitter is going the way of  MySpace. It is just part of the ongoing cycle of renewal (there must be an end before a new beginning and so on). But just like the “end of branding” or the “Year 2000”, social media will not suddenly disappear – after all, many of us are just starting to get the hang of it. And great articles like these below demonstrate just how healthy this category is! Enjoy!

  1. Great article from Mandi Bateson showing how social media and social networks can be used to save lives. Really.
  2. What is your X-Factor? It’s time to drill down on your value proposition – and to live it. Chris John Savage reminds us that it’s fine to be good, fast and cheap – but no longer enough. You need something more to win.
  3. What’s the secret to a kickass online marketing strategy? Hard work – that’s what. And insight. But you can save yourself some time and check out The Sticky Guide to Online Marketing.
  4. Sometimes – just sometimes – your marketing or social media program isn’t about ROI. Or rather that ROI is further down the list of priorities. Think for example, how do you measure the ROI of a handshake? John Haydon asks the question.
  5. The SOPA-PIPA blackout got the kinds of attention and action that in previous years the media would have pioneered. It took the collective action of millions of connected people. There were no lobbyists. Just a cause and a connection. As Jeff Jarvis explains, we are the lobbyists now.