Changes to LinkedIn Social Advertising

Remember when we found out that Facebook had claimed ownership over all the images, content, links etc that you uploaded? Remember the outcry?

Well it appears that LinkedIn have made a similar change to their terms of service. This change – which defaults to an approval – allows LinkedIn to use your image and/or your name in social-based advertising. This means that your name or image would create the context for either LinkedIn’s own advertising efforts – or for other brand’s advertising within the LinkedIn network.

By default, each LinkedIn member agrees to the following:


BUT if you do NOT agree to this, update your LinkedIn profile to remove the check mark. It is found in the Privacy Controls in your Account tab. Just click the link Manage Social Advertising and make the change.

With thanks to Ingeborg vanBeusekom.

4 thoughts on “Changes to LinkedIn Social Advertising

  1. It’s important for social media users to understand the privacy policies. Many times people get upset, but really it’s their own fault for not thoroughly reading the fine print. If you are really that concerned about your privacy it’s probably best to just not use social media anyway.

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