Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

217 | Today I have unpacked ...“May you live in interesting times” is known as the Chinese curse. And while the origins of this phrase are unclear – there is no doubt that our current times certainly are “interesting”. Our social connectivity has exposed the realities of globalisation in its triumphant and tragic dimensions and sometimes it is difficult to comprehend the human impact of this. These five must-read posts from last week are great articles that are trying to grapple with the challenges that we are all facing – as individuals, as well as global citizens.

  1. Shel Israel steps away from his usual commentary and analysis and gets a little personal, describing what it means to be lost in the middle.
  2. As a marketer, I know people are inconsistent. That they will do one thing and say another. But I am always surprised when when we act recklessly or without care for others. Chris Guillebeau reminds us how to do the right thing.
  3. At a time when London is burning, Mark Earls reminds us that we need to look at the social world – the places and spaces in which we live and help to create – to understand the behaviour of individuals. Don’t look to the trees. Pay attention to the forest.
  4. Mike Arauz talks about the Millennium Villages Project which is an ambitious program that aims to show the way that people can lift themselves and their communities out of poverty. Brilliant and inspiring.
  5. An ecosystem also needs its institutions. And Umair Haque suggests that its time we built institutions which embrace our individuality and our humanity.

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