Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

Brown-Eyed SusansIt’s been an emotional rollercoaster of a weekend on a meta level. The unthinkable made real events in Norway, the sports-mad enthusiasm over Cadel Evans’ win at the Tour de France and the not-so-surprising-yet-tragic death of Amy Winehouse. And while these events send shockwaves that affect us all, there were other events, smaller, but also full of insight and impact. These five posts may provide a welcome distraction:

  1. Jinal Shah shares her experience at JWT, suggesting that the Role of the Digital Strategist Needs to Evolve
  2. John Haydon explains that in the rush for traffic we always think about many blog readers. He suggests we need to Create Content that feels Direct and Personal
  3. Jeff Jarvis talks about how #fuckyouwashington moved from a sense of outrage to a trending topic on twitter – all within hours
  4. There has been plenty of noise about Google+, but one of the things that has been simmering away is the issue with brand pages/accounts. Thus far, Google has been trying to get brands to wait – even though many have jumped in creating the equivalent to Facebook’s Fan page. Mathew Ingram explains why Google’s Screwup on Google+ Brand Pages is a Big Deal
  5. On the tragic death of Amy Winehouse, Russell Brand calls on us to rethink the way that we treat and deal with addiction – not for Amy for whom it is too late, but for those who we know need help.