The Social Travel Revolution

When you travel, you want to travel with friends. Or meet some new ones. Or catch up with some old ones. After all, travel is not just about the destination. It’s about the experience. It’s about what you did and who you met. It is about the people. And it is about you.

But what about before and after? What about the research and planning? What about the choices? And what about preserving those memories and experiences? It makes me think that travel may be one of the best ways of describing The Social Way (and I will need to give this more thought).

Katy Daniells posted this infographic over at DigitalBuzzBlog and it got me thinking. How is the social travel revolution playing out in your life?


One thought on “The Social Travel Revolution

  1. I would say social media has become part of people’s lives if we talk about traveling. A lot of people love updating their followers, particularly of their whereabouts. Now they are able to incorporate pictures as well, for a more exciting update on their statuses. It’s hard to imagine now how we were able to get by in the past without social media.

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