Roger McNamee – The Social Web is Over

Roger McNamee has us all talking. He is a director and co-founder of venture capitalist, Elevation Partners – and has been investing in technology for almost 30 years.

In this 30 minute speech, 10 Hypotheses for Tech Investing, Roger brings his history and knowledge to his speech at the Paley Center for Media – and it’s fascinating. There’s another 20 or so minutes of Q+A which follows – but it’s well worth your time. In the talk, Roger canvases:

  • The demise of Microsoft and the opportunities that may arise (especially in the enterprise)
  • The challenges that Google face due to the shift in relevance of search
  • The power of experience and why HTML5 will allow communities, developers and publishers to out innovate Apple (and if you sell ads on TV, you want to get onboard now)
  • The need for all innovators and business people to understand what tablet computing means for their business. He likens the iPad to the IBM PC – and claims there has not been another company like Apple since IBM in the 1970s
  • Any screen access – “the cloud” enables us to access our data from any screen that we have. But Google, Facebook, Microsoft have failed to get mobile right – and Apple’s no better
  • The “Social Web is Over” – Facebook has won and is now a commodity
  • The internet enabled TV will reveal that viewer statistics aren’t as strong as ratings agency suggest they are (TV is the last protected media)