Ecoinomy – Make More Little Savings

We all want to be part of something big. For some it’s a family, for others it’s a community. Sometimes it’s a job. Sometimes it’s a calling. And at the very heart of this is a passion.

But what if all this was connected?

What if the compartments dissolved? What if the walls between our passions, interests, friends and families crumbled? What if we could no longer distinguish between our public lives and personal selves? This is, in part, what I mean by The Social Way – the simultaneous collapsing and exposing of our identities, lives and reputations.

Increasingly, this is the world we live in. And the folks from ecoinomy are showing us what this means in a tangible way. They are bringing the social graph (our online profiles and networks) into the enterprise and linking our sustainability efforts to not just a sense of recognition, but to reward. Will it work – with people like John Grant leading these efforts, you’d think it has a good chance.

Check it out. Sounds like a very different approach to the workplace and sustainability. And that’s something that benefits us all – well beyond the walls of the enterprise.

Queensland: Open for Business – Operation Sunshine

Earlier this year, when cyclone Yasi and flood waters tore through Queensland, I was amazed, worried, heartbroken.  I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Queensland over the years – doing motorbike tours up through the Sunshine Coast and the hinterland, walking through the Daintree, visiting the Great Barrier Reef and chilling out at Port Douglas. And each time I visited, I always found great, almost hidden, locations and unusual people to meet. The floods and cyclone Yasi made me wonder what had happened to these places and people.

So I was pleased to find out about Operation Sunshine. Cricketer, Matthew Hayden has taken a camera crew on a road trip (everyone loves a road trip) to meet Queenslanders all the way up the coast – from Gold Coast to Port Douglas. There are some great photos and stories coming out of the communities and towns along the way. But what Operation Sunshine shows is that Queensland is “open for business” – and that the best way to help the people of Queensland recover is to visit.

But if you are like me and just can’t jump on a Jetstar plane, then you can do the next best thing:

And then, when it’s time to head north to escape the winter of the southern states, spend some time in Queensland – and bring a touch of sunshine everywhere you go.

Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

Through His EyesThis week’s focus is on innovation – what is it, what drives it and how do you need to think about it differently now. The central theme is that it begins with you – innovation is not something you can handball to someone else. So what are you waiting for? Don’t be the reflected glory in someone else’s mirror. Step up. Yes, I’m talking to you.

  1. If you only have time to read one article this week, make it this one from Olivier Blanchard – Social Business vs Social Marketing. Yes, it’s a fight over content, but that’s just the beginning.
  2. Julie Hunt suggests it’s time that IT and Marketing got together to drive innovation through B2B enterprises
  3. Valeria Maltoni asks you to take a walk in the hall of mirrors – how attractive are you (yes, it applies to brands), and why would anyone want to talk to you? Sometimes you have to influence your self.
  4. Is imagination the source of innovation? Brian Solis suggests that for true innovation we need to dig deeper than the surface layer of technology, tapping more meaningful experiences, passions and capacity to lead change.
  5. The nature of social media often masks the introverted nature of many of its participants. If that sounds like you, then the introvert’s guide to getting noticed in business is a great read.