Ecoinomy – Make More Little Savings

We all want to be part of something big. For some it’s a family, for others it’s a community. Sometimes it’s a job. Sometimes it’s a calling. And at the very heart of this is a passion.

But what if all this was connected?

What if the compartments dissolved? What if the walls between our passions, interests, friends and families crumbled? What if we could no longer distinguish between our public lives and personal selves? This is, in part, what I mean by The Social Way – the simultaneous collapsing and exposing of our identities, lives and reputations.

Increasingly, this is the world we live in. And the folks from ecoinomy are showing us what this means in a tangible way. They are bringing the social graph (our online profiles and networks) into the enterprise and linking our sustainability efforts to not just a sense of recognition, but to reward. Will it work – with people like John Grant leading these efforts, you’d think it has a good chance.

Check it out. Sounds like a very different approach to the workplace and sustainability. And that’s something that benefits us all – well beyond the walls of the enterprise.