2 thoughts on “A Cup of Chaos #16 – Mandy Moore’s Red Bull Energy Douche

  1. Respect to Mandy Moore, she’s never taken herself too seriously and she’s cute as hell. Love when she crushes the can!

  2. This is such a risk for many celebrities (especially ones typically seen as “clean cut” by the general public), but I find it so endearing when they’re able to not take themselves so seriously.
    My all-time favorite example is Natalie Portman’s “Natalie’s Rap” from the Saturday Night Live digital short where she unleashes a tirade of explicit (and flat-out hilarious) lyrics that go against everyone’s perceived schema of her.
    Another example, not as conflicting, but still endearing is T-Pain making fun of himself and his own genre in the Lonely Island’s “I’m On A Boat.” I never liked T-Pain’s music until I watched the video of him making fun of himself throughout the video. Suddenly I saw him as a person with a sense of humor rather than a bad music-making celebrity.
    All-in-all, the risks in a move like this are high, but Mandy Moore currently has a thumbs up in my book as a result. Mostly because I think it’s hilarious.
    Good find, Gavin.

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