Does Social Media Addiction Make You Smile?

What do you do on the weekend? Do you disconnect? Do you ignore your BlackBerry or iPhone? Or do you surreptitiously read your emails?

What about in the morning – do you check email before breakfast? Do you scan your Facebook feeds? Do you feel like you are addicted to social media? If so, this video may appeal.

Interestingly, this is the latest promotional instalment from the Sony Vaio folks. But is this going to “go viral”? Does this carry enough humour, humility or simple recognition to warrant a link or connection from the social media crowd? As Greg Verdino says, it does have a certain geek appeal, but I have a feeling this could be such an in-joke that it never carries outside of our immediate network of connections.

Sure, I’m sharing it with you, but who will you share it with?

Will you use the small links below to share with your networks? What about your Facebook friends? What about Digg? What about your parents?

What makes you share. Is it the same thing that makes you smile?

3 thoughts on “Does Social Media Addiction Make You Smile?

  1. I’d say, as far as this spot goes, it could have been trimmed down to :30 – 1:00 and still effectively gotten the point across. For being 2:26 in length, I don’t feel it’s funny or innovative enough to “go viral.” However, the manner in which you and probably others are presenting it (in more of an analysis way rather than a “this is awesome/hilarious/so true” kind of way) means more discussion-driven viewings of it will occur amongst the early adopters who will find it funny.
    But, as everyone knows, the early adopters are early adopters for a reason. I can’t imagine little old ladies and 55 year old CEOs will find the subtle humor of a guy writing on a physical wall (rather than a Facebook wall) and pass it along. For that matter, I probably won’t pass it along either.
    In summary, it’s a good concept that runs about 1:45 too long. Of course, I could be entirely wrong and it could end up being the most viraly (not a word) video of the fall. I just don’t see that being the case.

  2. Thanks Mike, yes – I think it could have been a lot sharper and shorter. And it is definitely playing to an in-crowd. Still, it is refreshing to see big brands give it a go.

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