Make Your Own World Wide Rave

395004_cover.indd For many marketers, the holy grail of digital advertising is the YouTube video that “goes viral” – generating thousands, if not millions, of views for little, if any, cost. The challenge, of course, is that finding just the right piece, or having your “community” build something on your behalf is never easy. Nor does it guarantee success.

But David Meerman Scott’s recent book World Wide Rave, actually covers some of the things that you need to consider. It’s full of practical examples and ideas for you to riff off – all with the aim that you create your own “world wide rave”.

There are some great examples of how some daring folks have put their reputation on the line to test the social media waters. From Disney through to a local dentist, David shows that you don’t need to be big to have an impact – or to generate serious sales/business outcomes using social media. He reinforces that while influence can be useful, world wide raves are about trust – about igniting the potential of your story in the words of someone else (or what I call the Auchterlonie Effect).

But you know what? Don’t take my word for it! David is running a Social Media Master Class in Melbourne. Go along and hear him speak for yourself. It could be the best investment you ever make in your business.

5 thoughts on “Make Your Own World Wide Rave

  1. I agree Gavin, it’s a fantastic book. (David, I’m a new fan and looking forward to meeting you in Sydney). It is the sheer power of the case studies contained within that make it extremely persuasive. I particularly loved the ebook example from Apple marketing as it ably displayed how a blog or freely generating your own content says more about you and what you think than a resume ever can.

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