A Cup of Chaos #2

I don't know if this is a fad, but it is not bad. I have a feeling that the folks over at Immersive Media would be very pleased if this cup of chaos really was disruptive. To see how it works, press play and then use your mouse to change the point of view.

5 thoughts on “A Cup of Chaos #2

  1. Interesting. I don’t know that 42nd St was the best street to use as a demo for this. It seemed to handle the transition from light to shadow quite well, but once in shadow bright areas (on upper left hand side of street) seemed to get overexposed.
    Now, if you could combine this with a geocoded clickable interface, that would be something.

  2. This was the original Google Streetview imagery camera, but, Google only used still frames from the video, since the video itself is nearly unwatchable due to a number of problems with the system, including the inability to work in high contrast environments.
    Google then purchased better cameras called Ladybugs and did their own image gathering, where Streetview is now nearly full screen plus is available on mobile (iPhone and Blackberry at least).
    It seems like Immersive Media is going into the energy business and away from digital media based on their press releases. Their video quality is really poor (which is why Google dumped them) so I can’t imagine anyone using their cameras for more than a webcam, which I guess would be a kind of cool thing.

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