Mining for Gold: Sean Howard

I have always been a fan of philosophy and theory. I love digging into ideas and concepts to understand where they come from. But sometimes the theory and philosophy is too complex for me to grasp … or turn to something more tangible. And it is these times where I turn to my friends like Sean Howard.

Sean’s Craphammer blog takes deep, complex thinking and translates it into useable ideas. He readily explores the concepts that are at the heart of being human – boldly taking on challenges, opportunities and new experiences – and bringing his learnings into the world of business.

But it is not all work … Sean is also known for his bombastic good nature. He has shocked and surprised us all with his willingness to push the limits – while doing so in a way that threatens no one – except good taste;) … and can be counted on when heavy lifting is required.

If you are new to Sean’s blog, here a few rolled-gold posts to give you a sense of his excellent work:

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2 thoughts on “Mining for Gold: Sean Howard

  1. Wow. Thanks Gavin. A very sweet post. I’m going to send my ego down to Australia to spend a week working under you as you seem to have a higher view of me than I do. 😉

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