Coffee in January

The good people at Sydney's Single Origin are taking a well-earned break through to January 19. Well, it's a break with some work thrown in — apparently they are renovating, to make more space for coffee machines and folks like you and me. This means that we may have to find an alternative venue for the next couple of Friday mornings. I will keep you posted.

However, for those who have yet to experience the bizarre, enthusiastic and envigorating world of the Single Origin coffee experience, my friend, Scott Drummond has put together a great video that gives some sense of what goes on. In fact, the footage was taken just before the holiday break — the last social media coffee morning for the year …

Driving down the street I could see people spread out across the road. I knew it was going to be "special". And as I got close, I could hear music — live music. There was a band perched on the kerb opposite the cafe, serenading the morning coffee crowd and spreading a joyous vibe through the neighbourhood. It was just another example of the GREAT customer experience that Single Origin provides. Now, I just can't wait to get back for one of those famous long black coffees! Roll on the 19th!

Single Origin Gypsy Friday from Scott Drummond on Vimeo.

Oh, and here's a challenge … how many people do you recognise in the video? The sharpest eyes will win coffee and banana bread on me 😉

5 thoughts on “Coffee in January

  1. I won’t enter the competition as it would probably be a little unfair 😉
    One thing I found amazing about filming that day was how many people were very happy to be filmed waxing lyrical about Single Origin and their staff.
    Thinking about whatever business you are in, in 2009 how many people will be happy to go on record and vouch for what you do?
    And I wholeheartedly agree Gavin – the 19th can’t come soon enough!

  2. Hi Em … hope you had a great new year!
    Did you hear back from Ian about the videos? I know he was uploading them
    somewhere for you … but was having some problems. I presume it is all
    sorted now.
    Hope you have a great 2009.

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