Come to Sydney Coffee Mornings on Fridays

If you have been reading my blog for a while, then you will know that a bunch of local bloggers and marketing types get together each Friday for coffee. From 8am we rock up to Single Origin in Reservoir Street, Surry Hills for some of the best coffee and conversation in the city. In case you were wondering what these coffee mornings are like, here is a video that Tim Longhurst took recently.

Can you identify those in attendance? Ten points for each person you can recognise.


9 thoughts on “Come to Sydney Coffee Mornings on Fridays

  1. I’ll go first shall I? 🙂 Or is that cheating?
    Katie Chatfield
    Julian Cole
    Scott Drummond
    ME 🙂
    Gavin (laughing..)
    Tim Longhurst (narrating)
    Katie Harris
    Beth Etling
    Gav the coffee man
    Ian Lyons
    Oh and there’s one I dont know — I only met her that morning.

  2. Jye … so close!
    Stan … now I am looking forward to that!
    Paul … what we lack in looks we make up for in body odour 😉
    Zac … Julian is going to start bringing a Zac sock puppet if you don’t get up here soon 😉

  3. Oh!
    So that’s what goes on…
    Tim mentioned this coffee meeting to me when he was in BrisVegas recently so I’ve planned to put in an effort to making sure I get myself along on Friday 28 November when I’ll be in town.
    Then I’ll see the shenanigans for myself 🙂

  4. Bugger! I love living up here at Tweed Heads, but I have to confess there are times when it would be good to be back in Sydeney. Next visit I’ll get myself there on a Thursday so I can join in.

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