Age of Conversation Is On the Money

When I read a book or even a blog post, I am always waiting for the punch line. I am waiting to be smacked by the truth.

The same can be said of advertising. The best advertising, the best copywriting and the best storytelling should smack us. It should wake us from our reading slumber, or as Franz Kafka said:   

A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us.

The Age of Conversation is loaded with these types of insight. Every page has something that jolts the reader. And in an effort to encourage you to purchase the book (in either eBook, soft or hardcover), John Moore from Brand Autopsy has collected a series of “money quotes”. Remember, all profits from the sale of the book go to Variety, the children’s charity. Read and be inspired!   

Age Of Conversation (second edition)      

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4 thoughts on “Age of Conversation Is On the Money

  1. The power (and limitations) of digital

    Congratulations to all the bloggers who contributed to Age of Conversation, a book about the collaborative, connected, online world we live in (written through connected online collaboration). Servant of Chaos was one of the contributors, and this post…

  2. Hi Gavin,
    At the risk of sounding like a cheapskate…I really REALLY wanted my very own hard cover copy of AOC2, but I’m going to order the download because the cost of shipping for the hard cover is $123.96.
    Now I know this is one weighty tome filled with “money quotes” but surely it ain’t that heavy?
    I’m just wondering why the cost to get a book sent to Oz is so expensive, as I fear it may be a barrier for some people. And my bookshelf will be poorer for it.

  3. Kate & Jye … we are working through the international shipping costs with Lulu. They hope to have a cheaper shipping option in the coming weeks.
    Please note: this only applies to the hardcover versions. The softcovers are much cheaper to ship.

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