Sponsor Me This Movember

movember08-1 For the last two years, each November, I take part in an unusual ritual. It begins at the beginning of the month and it lasts right through to the last itchy moments before the year-end whirlwind of December hits. The participants in this ritual signal each other with a knowing smirk, a casual glance and scratch of the chin. That’s right, it is Movember — a time to build awareness of prostate cancer and raise money to fund research projects. After all, this is a disease that affects 1 in 6 men.

Last year, the Movember campaign – a month long commitment from men around the world to grow a moustache (while also seeking sponsorship) – raised around $21 million. Over 131,000 men around the world took to the “tash” … and this year we hope for even more. (I believe that the majority of this money was raised by the families of these men who promised to pay as soon as their faces were shaved clean.)

This year, I have joined a team of wannabe-beardies. In other words, we may take this “Mo” too far – to the fear and disgust of our families and friends. We ably led in this endeavour by Jye Smith. My other team mates include Matt Fitzsimmons, Scott Drummond, Tom Voirol and Tim Longhurst. And while it is early days and our confidence is high, Scott admitted a secret fear at coffee on Friday. He is concerned that his facial growth will be less than stellar. But there is a solution … the Build a Beard Workshop. You simply select the beard of your choice, Photoshop it onto a picture of your face, and voila! Not only do you get the beard of your choice, you also raise money for a Kiva project.

Remember this Movember, even the smallest amount of sponsorship will make a difference – and donations over $2 are tax deductible. By using this link, you will immediately be issued with a tax deductible receipt.

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