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When you read my blog and look at my resume you may be confused. You may not see the pattern of emergence that has led me to (and through) the various stages of my career … but I can honestly say, each step and opportunity has honed my broad and unique perspective on digital/social marketing and the role of brands in our future society.

Gavinbabycropped For as long as I can remember I have been crafting stories. And as you will see on my blog, I place a high degree of importance on the scripting and writing of brand experiences. This is not about prescription, but about context. After all, the last thing any of us want is to deal with an automaton. But in a world where our interactions are increasingly mediated by technology, stories can breathe life into our relationships and help us find and engage with the communities to which we ache to belong.

I have taken a storytelling approach to many of the roles that I have held in the corporate world … this includes the roles that were not “strictly” marketing or strategy oriented. What seemed clear to me, even 20 years ago, was that any interaction I had with a customer, employer, colleague or partner would generate a story. Their story. And the intersection between their story and my own was an opportunity for love or loss. Wherever possible, I choose love.

To do this, means listening. It means researching. And it means seeking. It also means leading and following-through.

Gavinheaton For the last 12 plus years I have worked from Australia in global roles for a range of companies. I was responsible for the digital strategy and implementation of the HappyMeal.com brand in the USA and its subsequent global rollout. I have also built and grown business units for companies like IBM. I evenly balance creativity and business know-how with a passion for the chaos in which we live — and strive to transform the teams I work with into focused and enthusiastic micro-communities.

I am the co-publisher of the ground-breaking collaborative marketing book, The Age of Conversation, which brought together over 100 marketing bloggers from around the world for the first edition, and over 230 writers for the second. I am also actively involved in a variety of marketing/advertising-related efforts, from Planning for Good through to the Interesting South conferences.

I currently work for global software company, SAP. But enough about me. What’s your story

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