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Whenever a new "list" comes out, we all scramble to see it. We want to know who is ON and who is OFF. We want to know who we know and who we SHOULD know. In short, we want to know where we BELONG.
When Mack Collier kicked off the Z-list a while back, it was done in part, as an attack on Technorati and the way that they measure "authority". Yet, while we can rebel about lists and argue about the metrics that they use, they do serve a fundamental function — they help us categorise and contextualise our place in the world. And if we are NOT on a particular list, our aspiration to belong marks us out as a participant in that community.
Guy Kawasaki shares what he calls the "mother" and "father" of all social media lists. Now, go check them out and tell me … did you look for your own name first or the names of those you know.

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One thought on “Off the List

  1. Hi Gavin – I’ll admit, if anyone is left off of the list I’m maintaining, it’s my fault and unintentional. I’ve tried to make the list as inclusive as possible and give credit where credit is due. To your point, I’d hope that people look for their brands first and let me know if they’re missing!

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