The Stories Inside My Head

The first spark can hit me like a revelation. It sizzles from synapse to synapse and in that instant, I am all tingling nerves and tunnel vision. There is no here and now, there is only this. ONE. idea. Burning like a fuse.

And before I can breathe, a lifetime passes. All tousled bed clothes, babies, bits of paper and smudges of ink. It is not the images I see, but rather, clarity emerging from the chaos. It is what Angela Maiers may call "making the connections" — but it feels more like creativity than learning. More like riding a bolting horse than sitting in a classroom.

And yet, I know, before my hearts pumps another beat, that the whole world has changed. I have learned something and have been transformed by it. The challenge now lays before me … you see the easy part is over. I have seen forever in a moment and the opportunities of a lifetime in a single glance; but now I am faced with a dilemma. To act or to demur.

When I write a blog post, work with a client or brainstorm with a team, my creativity is on tap. All I need is a starting connection (a word, a song) and it begins. Quickly. But the ideas are easy. Really, you can have them for free. The stories inside my mind can draw unexpected meanings, but they are straight and true. Of course, bringing them to life — transforming them into something that can change your business, delight your customers or motivate your staff is a longer haul. For while ideation runs like a sprint, execution requires stamina. And whether it is a blog post or a fully integrated marketing campaign — there are always tears ahead.

Laurel, this great stop motion video by Carlos Lascano actually comes close to capturing the way my mind works. Enjoy.

A SHORT LOVE STORY IN STOP MOTION from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.

8 thoughts on “The Stories Inside My Head

  1. Gavin-excellent post. My money line:ideation runs like a sprint, execution requires stamina. It is with stamina that the original connections or sparks get firmly grounded into deeper more lasting ideas. I love the video and am thrilled to “make connections” with others who’s brains work like mine!

  2. Gav I loved the rhythm of your writing in this post.
    I can almost imagine you using this piece as a talk.
    It is, dare I say it, quite poetic.

  3. Steve … It’s a magic moment — what a rush, huh?
    Angela … We’re making connections about how we “make connections”. I love it.
    Stan … Now, that’s a compliment! Thank you, sir.
    Olivier … I am sure you mean me. Or was it the movie? I have watched it a number of times now and I am mesmerised every time!
    Jasmin … You can animate? We should see some samples!

  4. Thanks Jasmin! That is great! Of course, all creativity takes time and effort — and no little space for yourself 😉
    Bloggers block? It rarely happens. After all, I just need to read some of my favourite bloggers and then I am brimming with ideas!

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