David Ogilvy’s Case for a New Advertising

In this seven minute video of advertising guru, David Ogilvy, a case is made for a new form of advertising. It is a clear call for a fundamental change in the way that advertising functions. He talks about new, direct response advertising and the way in which it out performs, out sells and out functions "general" advertising. Efrain Mendicuti suggests, that with a few chosen word substitutions, that Ogilvy could in fact, become Marketing 2.0’s leading evangelist:

… substitute the words Direct Marketing for On-line Marketing and Direct
Response for Interactive Marketing, and tell me if you wouldn’t want to
have him as THE ambassador for Digital / on-line Marketing today.

Is another new advertising revolution already underway? Do Ogilvy’s words sound eerily presentient?

9 thoughts on “David Ogilvy’s Case for a New Advertising

  1. Hi Gavin
    great post, he’s the master—-reason why he’s one of the best. I have a really stupid question. How do I get the blogroll code for the 2008 age of con authors? I know it was sent, can’t find. Also look for email to you and drew,am promoting AoC with launch of my parenting book. Sending you email in next day.
    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Is another advertising revolution already underway?
    I really hope so…I have staked the future of my business on it. http://tinyurl.com/55ru7x
    I think its very real and happening now. Traditional advertising delivery has been eroded by the plethora of new media options and the cynicism (possibly well deserved) of consumers who are tired be yelled at from above.
    Social media philosophies do not have to be contained to online either. Adopting some of the social media ethos to general business practices can be amazingly effective.
    Viva le revolution!

  3. Hi Gavin!
    Thanks for the link to The Daily and the not so.
    I completely agree with Michelle, yes there is a real revolution in advertising happening now and hopefully more and more advertising and communication professionals will acknowledge it and will get up to speed on the new ideas, philosophies, resources and platforms available today to help them better connect with consumers (better known as people) today.

  4. What a disappointing/scary view of the future.
    I really hope that Social Media Marketing/Internet Marketing is more than the DM revolution because in the traditional agency I have seen DM is still chucked in the basement and just a final add on to campaigns. They do not command the respect David was alluding too.

  5. Basic truths never change — even if technology does. Oglivy reminds us that, at the end of the day, advertising has to deliver cold, hard bottom line results.
    Today a lot of what Oglivy says about general advertising vs. direct response advertising is as relevant in today’s online world as it was 40, 50 years ago.
    I.M. Vocal at ifbyphone.com

  6. Just show’s his brilliance to us all. But rather than substitute the ‘new’ words … just leave them as they are – Direct Marketing + Direct Response – because they are timeless and cross all channels & media. From DRTV to press to mail to email to web to mobile ….

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