What’s Your Best Holiday?

Freshair2 Take a moment and think about the best family holiday of your childhood. Try to recapture the sounds. Picture in your memory the faces of your family and friends. Remember how you felt — how your arms and legs tingled, how your heart raced with each new day.

Unfortunately, not all kids have such opportunities. Each year in August the Fresh Air Fund strives to change this situation by giving New York City kids the opportunity to spend part of the summer with host families outside of the city. It is a chance for a break. An experience that could change the course of their young lives.

And while many children have already been placed this year, and many new host families have signed up for next year, there are still some kids waiting with their fingers crossed. Can you help? Do you know someone who can? If so:

One last thing that is actually very important. The Fresh Air Fund are looking for families who want to extend an invitation to a 9-12 year old. They really need more families who want older children and boys. Your actions may make one child’s Summer 2008 unforgettable for all the right reasons.