A Jurassic Experience

There is something about dinosaurs that captures our imaginations. Perhaps it is their scale, or their seeming impossibility. Perhaps there are remnant echoes buried deep in the human unconscious that reminds us that these great monsters once ruled the world we stamp so carelessly upon.

But what would happen if you came face-to-face with a dinosaur? Would your heart skip? Would your instincts overrule your rational responses? What is the story that you would tell? Luc Debaisieux describes such a situation:

Imagine you are visiting the Natural History Museum of LA with your kids. You take a gentle turn into a hallway and come face-to-face… this dinosaur, looking almost as alive as you and me. I love the reaction of the adult coming from another way who seems to really freak out because of the realism of little-big-dino-boy. That… is definitely some kind of an experience.

These days we talk about "traditional" agencies being dinosaurs. But perhaps they have only been sleeping and will awaken to remind us all of their power to tell stories, to surprise and delight and create truly unique, human responses.

Extinct, my ASS! from The Original Joe Fisher on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “A Jurassic Experience

  1. Gavin,
    Thank you for sharing this story forward.
    I like the parallel you make with advertising agencies. You know the metaphor I have regarding AD gencies… “A huge dino lifting a huge paw… sloOOoowly… then putting it dooOOooown… slowly. BAAAM! One small step. Meanwhile, we see small carnivores and little dynamic creatures, speeding around. WIZZZ… WIZZZ… Faster, eventually higher.”
    Are AD dinos going to wake up and surprise us? Time will tell.

  2. I have a feeling that the AD dinos will need to make some strategic hiring decisions to do so. But, you never know, if they look below the surface, they may just find the answers are right under their nose 😉

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