So, You Think You Can Market? Round 1


Welcome to Round 1 of So, You Think You Can Market? in support of

First up, a refresher … in this competition marketers will put forward their best ideas based on this brief from Sara. The entries will be published here … and the best idea in each round will be voted on by a wide, wide panel of marketing experts — YOU. That’s right, you get to decide on which idea proceeds to the next round … and which idea, ultimately, will be worked up in time for a Christmas promotion. Now is your chance to VOTE!

So, the first two entries to kick off proceedings are:

  1. Matthew Mantey – "What the Queen Wants".
    1.  Register
    2.  Copy and paste the items at bargainqueen onto the new site
    3.  Send new url to existing bq purchasers and bq email list with
    instructions to pass new queenwants url immediately and directly to their
    significant other, upon any purchase conversions (or other qualifying
    conversions) suggest purchasers send it on to their clueless friends of the
    same ilk
    4.  Repeat for all future purchasers and email captures
    5.  Build queenwants application for FB
    6.  Have a few influential male friends download it and jock it
    7.  insert conversions into email stream above
    8.  register redirect to queenwants and repeat
  2. Casey Degon – senior at Ithaca College (update: Casey’s blog –
    There are two parts to my solution that I believe will help not only the company’s pocket book but their image as well. The audience I am trying to reach are college graduated men ages 20-30. Their most common tool of communication is just like any other college grad,
    I propose using the application of gifts on Facebook to spread the word. During an in class discussion, the class discussed how they usually will not pay for the gift unless they know its going to charity.
    The Bargain Queen should therefore partner up with a charity group and then create gifts that are exactly like the items they are talking about on their web site.  Half of the sales will go towards charity, the other half towards helping the marketing budget. When men click on the gifts, they are redirected to The Bargain Queen web site were they can find out more. If they choose to by the gift and send it to a friend, their friend will not only be sent the graphic and the link from which they can view, but they will also be entered into a drawing to receive that particular article of clothing for free.

OK … Now, you have read the first two responses … now is your chance to VOTE.

You have until the end of Wednesday, November 7. Round two will be live the following day!

One thought on “So, You Think You Can Market? Round 1

  1. Facebook smart with this audience.
    Custom URL not smart. (Yahoo reported that less an 7% of people (or some such number) recall or remember custom URLs)
    But I don’t understand the model for the second one. So my vote goes for the first one out of these two.

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