Sponsor or Join me this Movember

Movemberservantofchaos You might remember that I participated in Movember last year — the annual event to raise awareness around prostate cancer and to raise money for research into the “most common non-skin cancer”.

This year, I want to go a step further. I have setup a team … and I would like you to either sponsor me or JOIN. To make this easier for those based in the USA, I have setup a team with the US organisation which means that any donations made are tax deductible in the US.

I am particularly keen to see the following folks with a MO … David Armano, Mack Collier, David Reich, Peter Kim, Cam Beck, Drew McLellan, Clay Parker Jones, Greg Verdino, Kevin Dugan, Lewis Green, Mark Goren, Matt Dickman, Mike Sansone (ok you have a headstart), Sean Howard and Paul McEnany. Anyone else you want to see with a mo? Let me know and I will add them to the list.

To sponsor me:

  1. Visit the Movember website
  2. Choose to donate or to sponsor
  3. Enter my registration number : 158914
  4. Begin to FEEL GOOD about doing good

To JOIN the team:

  1. Visit the Movember website
  2. Choose the Join a Team option
  3. Use the Captain’s registration number 158914
  4. And my email address: servant [at] servantofchaos [dot] com
  5. Begin to FEEL GOOD about participating

8 thoughts on “Sponsor or Join me this Movember

  1. If your thinking of participating in Movember “beware”.
    There are unseen difficulties growing a Mo that can through your life into Chaos.
    WARNING: The Mo may polarized your family and friends upset your co workers and turn your kids against you.
    Growing a Mo is not for the faint hearted.
    Even the Movember Committee warn you that the MO can be Trouble.
    Its only 7 Day of Movember and my daughter refuses to be seen in public with me. My wife is complaining about rashes all over her body and the rest of my family don’t seem to recognize me any longer. 🙁
    Thank God I don’t work in an office I’d probably have lost me job by now.

  2. Gavin,
    I give up. I tried to find a period of time during the month long enough to really give the mo time to grow, but client meetings, family photos and a scheduled photo shoot just made it impossible.
    To ease my guilt, I have sponsored your dandy mo. Can’t wait to see it!

  3. Fellow Stashers,
    We are doing a contest over here where you can get $500 towards your Mo Space if you get the most votes. Its super easy to submit your stash and share your page with your buddies on the net. Check out all the info here http://www.storwell.com/movember. Plus the winner also gets this super awesome Storwell Self Storage Movember Moustache Champion trophy
    Wish you all tons of luck and lets change the face of mens health one stash at a time,

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