Re-thinking Re-thought

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When we think over something — from our past or present — we tend to feel like we are looking with clarity. But are we? Or are we just believing our new story about an old situation?

This is my latest post over at MarketingProfs and it looks at some of the changes that I have seen in the publishing industry over the last twenty years. Are we in a better position because of them? Will the current changes underway with social media really make a difference? Perhaps it is time to Re-think our thinking.

One thought on “Re-thinking Re-thought

  1. As a culture we tend to believe whatever we’re exposed to later. For example, College kids will often abandon their firmest beliefs because a professor told them to. It’s kind of sad and certainly pathetic, but we often forget that we weren’t all dumb 5 years ago. We weren’t cavemen 100 years ago, and we certainly haven’t gotten any smarter over the past 100 years. We just have advantages we’ve never had before.
    Really enjoyed your post over at marketing profs. Keep it uP!

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