Eat.Sleep.Blog Episode 6

Yes, Paul McEnany, Sean Howard and I are back with another episode. This time, a bit tighter, and a little bit more polished (but then our first Kaltura episode really was a dog’s breakfast).

There are a few highlights:

  • Sean leads us out and straight into trouble — man-style trouble. Well, you will see what I mean. (0:00)
  • The Grim Reaper’s ugly assistant drops by (2:55) to introduce our special guest star, Katie Chatfield (3:45), talking about some of her great recent work for Mountain Dew
  • Paul unpacks his thinking around extreme sports, brand association and niche marketing without swearing once. True (7:02)! But then, he was the one who brought up paedophiles in the first place.
  • Sean gets the chance to imagine himself in Captain Kirk’s tight fitting velour sweater and showcase the great William Shattner’s efforts at hawking Commodore 64s way back when home computers were a revolution (8:43).

2 thoughts on “Eat.Sleep.Blog Episode 6

  1. Has anyone figured out where Paul was for that first shot???
    It looks like a seat on a GreyHound bus… except there are curtains and a lamp in the background…

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