Go Avatar Yourself

Oddgh Now, you know I love a good gimmick, piece of technology or a chance to poke fun at yourself. And in a world where co-created branding is in the ascendency, there are more and more opportunities for self-deprecation arriving on our desktops. Of course, one of the greatest of these (which includes a fantastic drive from "real world" experience into the virtual, is the upcoming Movember campaign.

But before you start getting all hairy on me, get yourself over to the Taubman Malls Avatar Yourself site (powered by Oddcast of course). I don’t think my avatar looks as cool as BL Ochman’s, but you can’t have everything!

3 thoughts on “Go Avatar Yourself

  1. Robyn … yeah I think it looks like my much younger brother 😉
    BL … I was even going to sing my own song, but thought that would be too ghastly!

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