Interested in Interesting? A Call for Speakers

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Some of the most fascinating blogs, websites, videos and music accrue their value to us readers due to their intense scrutiny of one particular topic. But it is not just the topic that is of interest, but the passion, storytelling and personality of the people involved (which often also includes a vocal and proliferate community).
A couple of months ago, Russell Davies put together an unconference called Interesting2007. As you can see from the videos, articles and pictures, it was far from the standard advertising/marketing get together — in fact, it was designed to be an event about ideas, passions and, well, interesting things. And from the reports, it seems to have been a great success!

In the wake of this success, Russell’s partner in crime, Emily Reed, is organising Interesting South … to be held here in Sydney, Australia on November 22, 2007. The venue, I believe, is the charming Bondi Pavillion.

NOW … all we need are some "interesting" speakers. So if you are interested in giving us all between 3 and 10 minutes of passion, fill out the form below and send it to Emily by October 25, 2007.

Download speaker_topic.doc