You Are Your Google Results

At the recent MarketingProfs get together, Ann Handley asked some of the crowd what happens when they Google themselves (is there a noun for this? Autogoogling, perhaps?). Here are some of the responses …

GoogleadgavinThere was once a time when I was way down the list of "Gavin Heatons" … but these days I can normally claim the first and second spots. Then, my buddy Drew, kicks in … and it is a mess of Flickr, MarketingProfs and other sites after that. But I did find this interesting Google Ad on one of the sites.

Now, my name is Gavin … but even I would be hard-pressed to want to buy some "Gavin themed" items on eBay. But then, maybe I don’t know what I am missing. Just goes to show that even those smart, search context sensitive ad placements don’t always live up to their side of the advertising bargain! But, really … what DO you find when you google your own name? Do tell.

With thanks to Katie for sharing the vid.

2 thoughts on “You Are Your Google Results

  1. I love that I am fueling your google juice. Man, I must talk about you a lot! Looks like more rationale for the power of collaboration.
    Wait until I post that picture of you in your Rolling Stone leather pants!

  2. Apparently, I’m Assistant Company Secretary for Goodman Fielder and I’m married to someone called Andrew Blotner.
    But before I got married, I was an actress with bit-parts in “Napoleon Dynamite” and “Elizabeth”, lived in both Toronto and NZ, was an energy healer / podiatrist, was married to someone called Jeremiah and ran a design company too.
    See how wife-hood curtails your options in life? 😉
    I guess marrying someone with a much less common last name is the best thing I ever did for my Google standing! 🙂

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