For the Social Media Newbie

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Are you new to social media? No idea what a blog is? Want to find out a bit more?

When most of us start out blogging we have to spend some time orienting ourselves … getting used to the terminology, the technology and the unspoken etiquette.

But Arun Rajagopal has saved all new comers a lot of hard work! Now, you can simply follow-on and click through Arun’s post that was compiled over a 10 hour social media investigation. Check it out here.

One thought on “For the Social Media Newbie

  1. Thank you Gavin for the shout-out. You’ve got a great conversation going at Chris’s blog. The first Social Media Challenge was about understanding social media from a macro point of view, I think I will move over to answering more questions such as ‘what brands are social-media role models’, ‘social networking 101’ and ‘blogging 101’ in the weeks to come. I think it’s great starting from the basics and then sharing findings with the world!

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